About Us

Vericom Networks Ltd is a leading provider of Converged Enterprise Network and Communications Solutions. We specialize in the design, implementation and support of converged networking, communications and security solutions that use open, standards-based architectures to unify communications and business applications for a seamless collaboration experience.

With a proven track record in the Enterprise, Mid-Market and upper- end Small Medium Enterprise markets, our company leads the market with its solutions engineering approach which enables organizations to improve their productivity and reduce costs through easy-to-deploy solutions that work within existing IT environments, and systems to deliver operational inefficiencies, with an approach that adds unique business value within the public and private sector.


To be the company of choice in providing Converged Enterprise Network and Communications Solutions for business in Africa, by providing innovative technologies and IoT and M2M services with highly skilled and motivated employees .

How we constantly work on our vision and mission


We as an organization accept that we cannot do everything perfectly and due to that we seek out organizations that have perfected specific facets within our service offering and  partner with them to provide perfection to our customers. Through this we are able to bring advanced and proven technology to our region.


We understand that we are not meant to sell you but rather seek to understand your needs and then develop a solution to address your challenges which should  consequently optimize your operations. Seek to understand before expecting to be understood.


We live for internet of things (IoT)/Machine to machine technology and as such our joy is using technology to make work easier, safer faster and cheaper for our customers. Our solutions tackle day to day challenges which corporations encounter every day. We bring technology to ease processes and help in decision making


The success of our solutions is measured base on their capability to provide a return of investment as fast as possible. We want to make profits together for that will build a long lasting partnership

to our employees

Our success is based on our people and our leadership focuses on developing and training our employees to their full potential. We believe in professionalism and we empower our teams to excel in their fields. This has resulted to quality services to our customers and the growth of Vericom.

the environment

The world is suffering from global warming and it is important for all enterprises to try and safeguard the environment. Vericom believes in clean environment and sustainability of the same. Vericom strongly associate with factors that affect the quality of our environment, both within our company and in the market place.

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