Cyber intelligence, forensic and analysis 

Our forte and our partner is in the specialized and exclusive area of Network Packets Forensics and Analysis.  We provide end-to-end nationwide and targeted cyber-intelligence, digital forensics analysis, digital surveillance, profiling and overall Lawful Interception (LI) to National governments and large enterprises.  Our services help to keep watch on the cyberspace to detect unscrupulous activities and other vices that could be potential threats to national security or loss of data to businesses.

  • Our clients are proactively delivering on their mandates to citizens and customers because they have 360° visibility of the network packets travelling within their infrastructures.  They are therefore able to answer, in real-time, pertinent questions in the event of a cyber-breach. Questions such as:

    • How did we lose data? and how did they do it?
    • Who is involved and what was stolen or leaked?
    • What systems were compromised? and What was stolen or leaked?
    • Are we protected from it happening again?

    Our unique and award-winning solutions provide a single-source service to our clients in the following areas:

    • Lawful Interception Suiteconsulting-business
    • Wired packet reconstruction
    • Wireless packet reconstruction
    • HTTPS/SSL interceptor
    • Off-line packet reconstruction
    • VOIP packet reconstruction
    • Packet Reconstruction Development Toolkit
    • Data Leakage prevention / Auditing
    • Cyber forensics training programs for LI, Cyber Intelligence, and Protocol Analysis
    • Nework Investigation Toolkit (NIT) A Tactical Field
    • E-Detective: Real-time Network Forensics and Lawful Interception
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