We offer FMS (Fuel Management Solution) called AdaptFMS which has been used in the world with great results. Our solution is world class and will add so much value to the industry by ensuring quality, delivery schedules, quantity available at any time and what has been dispensed at any given time.

AdaptFMS addresses the highlighted challenges by providing a confirmation and correlation facet that will provide statistics on:

•Fuel Density at anytime (Real-time)
•How much fuel was received at the retail petrol stations
•The driver who delivered the fuel
•Time fuel was delivered
•Temperature of fuel in the tank at all time and this is transmitted real-time
•Water level in the tank if there is any at all.

•Available stock available at any time in each of the tank hence helping the distribution team in planning

The web based platform AdaptIQ through its inbuilt algorithms is able to provide analytics that the business can use to ensure that:

•No fuel is being lost within the supply chain
•Fuel is not adultered (added kerosene) between the depot and the refill station by transporters.
•The franchised retail stations are always stocked
•Only their fuel is being sold at the franchise petrol stations
•Safety of the petrol station by always knowing the temperature
•Ensuring in case there is water in the tank it is dealt with before it affects the quality 

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