Power and Environmental Monitoring

Mains power monitoring

The Vericom monitoring platform provides a capability to monitor instances of mains power loss where the lack of mains power triggers the relevant sensor to signal loss of power.

This provides our customers with the capability to monitor and ensure that their critical sites are always operational by prompting the right investment on the appropriate power backup solutions.

Temperature Monitoring

The platform as well provides a capability to monitor the temperature levels of equipment rooms/cabinets within remote sites. Drastic increases in temperature can cause damage to critical equipment and this platform ensures that operators are aware of the temperature levels within their installations and are immediately alerted in the instance the levels are detrimental to the equipment at site.


Site Access Monitoring

Operators invest millions of shillings in equipment and infrastructure within their points of presence and it is critical that they secure these investments that are critical to their operations.

Vericom provides operators within the capability of being alerted in the instance a site is accessed and in turn use installed cameras to assess if the person accessing the site is authorized or a threat. This is achieved through the use of door sensors and a strategically placed camera that takes snapshots on set intervals as well as on demand. This makes it easy for the operation team to at all time have records of individuals accessing the sites.

power back up systems monitoring

UPS Monitoring

Power back up solution are very critical in any company environment from manufacturing, telecommunications, media and even in homes. We come in to assist our customers in monitoring they power back up systems so that they do not drain and leave work incomplete. Our solutions send alerts and warnings to the contact person anytime the back up system is discharging, whenever the mains power is fluctuating and when the back up system get to a critical level. Our system shows the dissipation rate of the UPS system and also the charge rate. This helps the customer know the performance of the system and also know when its end of life is near and plans for a change of batteries or the whole system.

This helps the customer to plan appropriately and to activate other sources of power so as not to stop his operations.


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